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Genre: Heavy Metal

Location: Victoria, Australia

Status: Active



Band Members: Steve Rowe, Mick Jelinic, Dave Kilgallon

Mortification is both the most successful Australian extreme metal band and the most successful Christian extreme metal group in the world. The group founded in 1990 from the 1980s metal band LightForce by Steve Rowe, Cameron Hall and Jayson Sherlock. One of the first bands of its genre, Mortification serves as inspiration for many of today's Christian metal bands. Over the years Mortification has released over twenty records and several videos on major record labels such as Nuclear Blast and Metal Blade. During the early 1990s, according to The Metal Observer, Mortification "belonged to the elite of the death metal movement," especially with their widely praised album Scrolls of the Megilloth. After the departure of their original drummer Mortification began experimenting with groove metal, hardcore punk and power metal. They achieved notable commercial success with Blood World, though the critics have not been interested in the band after the 1996's critically acclaimed EnVision EvAngelene. Despite critical backlash, the band has maintained its status as "some kind of superstars in the Christian metal scene," and have been called in the mainstream media as "a legend in the death metal scene." They returned to their deathrash roots on the 2004's Brain Cleaner album. On June 6, it was announced that Mortification will record a new album in 2009. On August 5, the band stated that they would record a demo for the new album.

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