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Steven Curtis Chapman
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Steven Curtis Chapman

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Paducah, KY

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Creative Artists Agency 615.383.8787


  Steven Curtis Chapman

Band Members: Steven Curtis Chapman

“There are a ton of songs about falling in love and about break-ups, but in my opinion, there aren’t enough songs that dive deep into what happens in relationships on a day-to-day basis,” observes Steven Curtis Chapman. “That’s something that I really felt I wanted to explore with this project.” With his wife Mary Beth providing inspiration, Steven’s crafted the musically diverse and lyrically profound All About Love, a disarmingly honest album that is clearly not a collection of traditional love songs. “Mary Beth and I are drastically different people. It’s Eeyore marries Tigger,” he explains. “Is the glass half empty or half full? It depends on the way you look at it. You bring those different perspectives and life experiences together in a relationship and find yourself asking, ‘Hmm, how do we make this work?’” And therein lies the mystery that Steven finds irresistible.

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