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Amy Grant
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Amy Grant

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Nashville, TN

Status: Active


  Amy Grant

Band Members: Amy Grant

If you want to know Amy Grants story, all you really have to do is listen to her songs. From the first time she picked up a guitar as a teenager and sang for her school friends, to the albums shes recorded that have racked up multiplatinum awards, Amys always found a musical way to share her life. And in the process, shes not only become an icon in Christian music (and could, in fact, be credited with launching the genre) but also one of the most celebrated artists in pop music today. Music was always a part of Amy Grants life. She can still recall the thrill of a cappella singing at her familys Church of Christ services and later, as a teenager, discovering a freer musical expression with the young people in her school and church. In fact, one of Grants first performances was at a chapel service for her fellow students. The event was pivotal for Amy -- it unveiled not only a musical talent, but a true gift of connecting with her peers. From that day on, Amy Grant was marked as an artist, a role model, a kindred spirit and a seeker. Through the next 25 years none of those titles ever faded away.

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