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Sanctus Real
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Sanctus Real

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Toledo, OH

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Jeff Roberts 615.859.7040


  Sanctus Real

Band Members: Matt Hammitt, Chris Rohman, Steve Goodrum, Mark Graalman, Dan Gartley

You know somethings up when four Christian rockers beat out 75 other hopefuls to win a Best Band contest sponsored by a top commercial radio station. But thats the way it goes for Sanctus Real, an Ohio based quartet that rocks with as much fire and force as the best of contemporary bands. With three previous indie releases under their belt, Sanctus Real is set to bust wide open with Say It Loud, their Sparrow Records album debut due in December of 2002. But dont think raising the bar will impede their mission. All four members will tell you Sanctus Real is about one thing: sharing the good news of Jesus Christ... they just happen to do it with the volume turned way up.

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