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White Heart
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Genre: Classic Rock

Location: Franklin, TN

Status: Retired


  White Heart

Band Members: 

White Heart began in 1982 by Billy Smiley and Mark Gersmehl. The other original members consisted of Dann Huff on guitars, David Huff on drums, Gary Lunn on bass and Steve Green on lead vocals. White Heart recorded three albums through Word Records, WHITE HEART, VITAL SIGNS and HOT LINE. Gordon Kennedy (guitar) and Chris McHugh (drums) joined the group during the HOT LINE era. 1985 was a very transitional year as White Heart signed to the Sparrow label. Along with that came new member Rik, Riq, Rick, Rikk, Rhic, Rikcq Florian (lead vocals). Bassist Tommy Sims joined the band at the beginning of the DON'T WAIT FOR THE MOVIE tour in 1986. Three albums were made during this period, DON'T WAIT FOR THE MOVIE, EMERGENCY BROADCAST AND FREEDOM. White Heart signed with Star Song in 1990 and with that came the addition of new members Brian Wooten (guitar), Anthony Sallee (bass) and Mark Nemer (drums). Drummer Jon Knox joined the band on the POWERHOUSE tour in 1991. Three albums came from this period, POWERHOUSE, TALES OF WONDER and HIGHLANDS. During the Summer of 1994, the band worked on the four new songs for the two album NOTHING BUT THE BEST collection.

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