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Audio Adrenaline
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Audio Adrenaline

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Nashville, TN

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Third Coast Artist Agency 615.297.2021


  Audio Adrenaline

Band Members: Will McGinniss, Kevin Max, Dave Ghazarian, Jared Byers, Jason Walker

When the members of Audio Adrenaline contemplate the events of the past couple of years, they recognize more than ever the true presence of God. Since the release of the band’s last studio album, Underdog, time has brought forth new relationships (drummer Ben Cissell and guitarist Tyler Burkum each married), new life (bassist Will McGinniss welcomed the birth of his second child), new ventures (the formation of a band-owned record label) and the beginning of the group’s eleventh year. In the midst of it all, Audio Adrenaline has continued to march onward into the next phase of life — and still loving every minute of it. "Change definitely brings more challenges, but it also brings about a lot of stability," says vocalist Mark Stuart. "Life is about changing and going through different things. We learn more about God in our marriage, or by being a parent. It enriches and deepens our experiences with God, and it comes through in our music."

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