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Premium Service Features

Premium Service Features
  Here is a description of all the features that are available to the Premium Service Subscribers.

  • Thousands of Christian Chord Charts
    We provide access to thousands of Christian Chord Charts to our subscribers! If you are looking for chord charts than this is what this subscription is all about!

  • Thousands of Christian Song Lyrics
    We provide access to thousands of Christian Song Lyrics to our subscribers! If you are looking for song lyrics than this also is what this subscription is all about!

  • Thousands of Audio Clips
    We provide access to thousands of audio previews. This helps you know how the song sounds when you are learning a song for the first time.

  • No Annoying Advertisements
    We promise not to punish our subscribers with annoying ads like many of the guitar tab websites out there do. We will never do that. We only have supportive partners and we provide these partner links at the bottom of any page with obscurity.

  • CCLI Song Copyright Info
    For each chart we do our best to provide all of the necessary Copyright info (i.e. author, copyright year, copyright holder). This information will help you accurately report your public performances to CCLI each year.

  • Automatic Song Key Transpose Feature
    This is the best feature of the Premium Service. The Automatic Song Key Transpose feature allows us to do all the work when you want a chart changed to a different key. Simply use our key change feature that is located at the top of any chart and watch the magic of the chart change into the key of your choice! This saves you time and time is money!

  • Artists updates through our "Fan" Feature
    At the top of any artist profile page you will notice the "Become a Fan" link. Clicking this link will allow you to add that artist to your "My Artist Fan List" library. When we update our site with new albums, chord charts, and song lyrics you will receive an email from us the day after we have added the new material for the artist. We only send the email out in regards to those artists that you "Fan", so "Become a Fan" of as many artist that you want!

  • Customize/Edit Chord Charts
    At the top of any chart or on the album profile page there is a link or icon that allows you to access the chart customization feature. Here you can edit the chart to your liking and then save and print the chart. Included in the customization feature is our Song Key Transpose feature as well.

  • Song Requests Community
    Because there are thousands of songs in the Christian music industry we may be missing a song's chord chart. Premium subscribers can request songs through the Song Request Community and this will notify us and other subscribers that a fellow subscriber is looking for a particular song's chart. We chart songs based on popularity and requesting a song helps us know what our subscribers want charted first.

  • Save Favorite Songs To Your Personal "My Favorite Charts" Library
    As you browse our site you can simply click the Green Add Icon on any artist or album profile page. This will save that particular song to your personal "My Favorite Charts" Library. This provides an easy access point for your favorite charts!

  • Save Customized Songs To Your Personal "My Customized Charts" Library
    After you have customized one of our chord charts to your liking you can save your new customized chart to your personal "My Customized Charts" Library. This provides an easy access point to your customized charts!

           * As little as $10.00/month

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